The Men’s Spa at La Dolce Vita Resort

The Men’s Spa at La Dolce Vita

The Men’s Spa at La Dolce Vita Resort, Palm Springs is the place to go for a massage, facial or other body treatment. Our therapeutic Day Spa is located on the property of the Resort. The environment is strictly professional. All therapists are certified by the State of California and undergo extensive training. You are welcome to use the two swimming pools, two whirlpools, steam room or just lounge around the property prior to or after your treatment. For your comfort and relaxation, the grounds are clothing optional.

Enjoy the Romeo and Romeo Couples Massage  in our newly designed couples treatment room; 2 guests, 2 therapists.

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Facials at the Men's Spa

Facials  (Special – $20 off any Facial for Summer 2016)

Enjoy one of our many facials designed to your specific skin needs.

  • Deep Pore Purifying Facial
    • A detoxifying facial treatment to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and purify oily, combination or problem skin. Helps decongest clogged pores, calm skin and refine surface texture.
  • Calming Facial
    • A very effective facial treatment designed soothe and calm sensitive, red, dry, irritated skin. Excellent for those with rosacea, also for sunburn sufferers.
  • Glycolic Retexturing Facial
    • This skin refining treatment is designed to promote the rapid release of dry, dead skin cells that cause a poor surface texture and dull complexion color.
  • Aromatherapy Stress Reduction
    • A therapeutic yet relaxing facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, and balance the skin while providing stress relief and relaxation via aromatherapy oils that improve specific skin conditions and emotional states. This treatment is tailored to suit specific skin types.
  • Deep Hydration Facial
    • A super hydrating, aromatic facial treatment for anyone with dry, dehydrated skin. Excellent post-travel, in harsh climates or after too much sun.
  • Purifying Back Facial
    • This deep cleansing treatment includes an enzyme exfoliation, dermal sauna, lymphatic massage, deep pore cleansing, and a detoxifying mask.

Massage in Palm Springs

  • Sports Massage
    • For physically active people a Sports Massage can help prevent injury by keeping muscles mobile and elastic. Workout recovery time will be shortened since massage helps oxygen and nutrient flow, flushing out toxins in stressed muscles during exersize. A typical Sports Massage session consists of deep tissue strokes as well as an incorporation of stretching, and active or passive movement of the joints.
  • Swedish Massage
    • This full body massage combines long, even strokes over the entire body improving circulation and relieving muscle tension.
  • Our Signature Massage “The Sweet Life Massage”
    • This full body massage, uses a combination of 3 techniques. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pressure Points; an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing abilities while releasing muscular tension.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    • This full body massage reduces tired sore muscles by lifting, separating and manipulating the muscle.
  • Hot Stones Massage
    • Feel the healing power of the earth in your therapist’s hands as he rubs gently heated, smooth, rounded basalt stones while massaging your body. The combination of weight, radiant heat and essential oils, penetrates muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation.
  • Reflexology Massage
    • This therapeutic method is applied to relieve pain and induce relaxation by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands.
  • Romeo and Romeo Couples Massage
    • Enjoy our Sweet Life Massage, Couples style. You and your partner receiving treatments in the same room with two skilled and licensed Massage Therapists.

Body Treatments

  • Warming Body Glow – Salt Scrub
    • A beautifying treatment using super-fine natural sea salts from an ancient seabed in the Canadian prairie, and aromatic oils. Exfoliates the body, polishing away dull, dry skin while relaxing the mind.
  • Seaweed Infused Body Wrap
    • A full body seaweed wrap infuses the epidermis with vital mineral salts and alginates to restore moisture and elasticity, while firming and toning spongy, dehydrated skin
  • Rejuvenating Moor Mud Wrap
    • This 60 minute treatment is a wonderful, all-purpose wellness and detoxification treatment for soothing muscular aches and pains. Nutrient-rich moor mud helps the skin regain elasticity and suppleness.
  • Glycolic Body Smoother
    • This skin refining treatment is designed to promote the rapid release of dry, dead skin cells that cause poor surface texture and dull skin color. This treatment also stimulates the production of new skin cells and helps fade pigment spots caused by overexposure to the sun. The total experience will immerse you into a deep relaxing state of mind.
  • Body Polish – Sugar Scrub
    • Similar to a salt scrub; this treatment uses finely granulated sugar combined with aromatic oils and natural extracts. The process exfoliates the body, polishing away dull, dry skin leaving it smooth, shiny and, of course, very sweet. .

Waxing Services

  • Back, Shoulders and Back of Neck, Leg full, Leg half, Arms full, Arm half, Chest, Eyebrows, Nose, and Ears
  • Minimum order is $80